About Yobi

About Yobi Partners

Our choice of “Yobi” denotes our belief in the digital revolution that is taking place and will only continue to accelerate over the coming years. It is said that Data is the new gold, and one thing is for sure, there will be lots of it generated and put to use in so many different useful ways. By the way, Yobi (symbol “Yi”) is the binary prefix denoting the number 2^80 and is roughly the equivalent of 1.2 x 10^24. Basically, a VERY large number.


Our choice of “Partners” is our strong intention to become a real partner with the companies and teams we work with to add real value through active involvement where needed and investing our own money as well where applicable.

Who are we?

We are a network of founders and entrepreneurs that have been through several journeys each. We have been in everything from small startups to multi-billion-dollar enterprises. We have worked with angel investors, Venture Capital and Private Equity. We have worked in Europe, North America and APAC. We have raised money from the hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions. We have done the jobs of any CXO and worn multiple hats in various startups. We have failed plenty. We have seen things go horribly wrong, but we have seen lots go fantastically well, also.


Most importantly, we know how you feel as a founder, an investor, a buyer and a leader. This is exactly why we are doing this!

Our focus
  • We are focused on companies that use Data, Automation and Connectivity as core building blocks. Those should encompass enabling technologies such as:

  • Big Data, AI, AR, Computer Vision, IoT, DLT (Decentralised Technologies).

  • We look across all industries excluding Biotech and Pharma.

  • We look for all types of businesses excluding pure B2C type of companies.

  • We have a very strong focus on platform businesses.

How do we get engaged?

We are active investors. We invest either money, time or both (the most common scenario). We work with PEs, VCs and startups in various stages: growth, pivoting, exits, restructuring and business reengineering. The defining approach is that we never work only for salary. We work with a long-term incentive that means if we add value, everyone wins!


We could be active in various ways:

  • Board position (including Chairmanships)

  • Investors

  • Operationally

  • Advisors to board, investors or Senior Leadership in a company

When we invest in startups, we are normally in the phase between the seed and series A. We invest anything from €100.000 This is obviously different in VC or PE-backed companies as the setup and needs in those cases is different.

Our Philosophy

We have all worked hard and been fortunate to not need to work for salary anymore. What drives us is working with great people (the best) and building value (massive value).


So, when we choose what to spend our time and money on, we look for the following in the order provided:

  • Team: the most important factor. If this does not match what we look for, we pass irrespective of the idea or achievements. Life is too short to spend it with the wrong people!

  • Objective: is the idea/vision big and bold enough to be worthwhile?

  • Adding Value: are we able to add value?

  • Platform business: is there a potential to become the industry platform?


We do not get involved in companies that are yet to launch their product/service/platform. We would like to see some traction before you get in touch with us.