Yobi Partners invests in Urban Oasis

18 Nov, 2020

Urban Oasis is very exciting vertical farming startup that has built a software-based approach to farming, GreenOS, to operate and manage multi-crop vertical farms in city environments. Yobi Partners is very excited to be part of this journey that is very positive for the environment and the consumers. The ever worsening climate situation and the pandemic has clearly shown us the massive need for smarter solutions to feed the billions of people around the world.

Yobi Partners invests in

25 OCT, 2020

Yobi Partners joins a consortium that together closed the latest investment round in Sweden-based is a new platform that brings together gamers, influencers, game developers and other stakeholders in the gaming world. The platform brings together a multitude of data sources and presents it in a way that brings outstanding value to each user type. Yobi Partners are very excited to have as one of our portfolio companies especially given the ever increasing interest in gaming across the globe.

Toni Nijm joins the Board of Directors of Swiss-based Utopia Music AG

17 AUG, 2020

Utopia Music AG has appointed Toni Nijm of Yobi Partners Ltd a member of its Board of Directors. Utopia Music is the most exciting innovator in the music industry. While the likes of Spotify and Apple made the end-user experience of consuming music a far better, the backbone of the music industry that supports the music creators and copyright holders is still suffering from antiquated systems and processes. Swiss-based Utopia Music has created a revolutionary software platform to solve exactly this problem. On its path to scaling the company, Utopia has expanded its board with individuals with relevant experience to the Utopia mission and vision.

Toni Nijm appointed member of the board of Contour

1 JUL, 2020

Contour PTE Ltd with HQ in Singapore has appointed Toni Nijm as an independent board member. Contour has built a blockchain-based platform aiming at solving the major challenges in the Trade Finance industry. Contour was established as a joint but independent effort by some of the major banks to make processes smoother and faster taking Trade Finance into the digital era.

Deep North closes $25.7 Million Series A funding round

25 MAR, 2020

Deep North, a pioneer in computer vision and AI- powered video analytics, has closed a $25.7 million Series A funding round, led by London-based Celeres Investments, with participation from Engage, AI List Capital, and others. This round will enable the company to digitize the next generation of brick-and-mortar retail and shopping centers on a global level.

Yobi invests in Estate Logs AB

15 JUN, 2020

Estate Logs AB, is a PropTech company delivering a platform to help property owners get better control and increase efficiency in their property portfolio. Yobi Partners chose to invest in Estate Logs in a phase when the company has already proven its business model and the value it creates to its customers and is now looking to scale up. Estate Logs has a solid team and owners and a very exciting journey in the next few years. Furthermore, Toni Nijm also joins the board of directors to work with the rest of the very capable board to create and implement growth strategies.

Yobi invests in Deep North Inc.

29 OCT, 2018

Yobi Partners invests in Deep North Inc - a Silicon Valley company. Deep North is the leader in Computer Vision and AI technology for the retail, property and public sectors. It has already signed up and deployed some of the largest retailers in the world and proven it's worth on a daily basis. The analytics platform that Deep North delivers to customers provides operational excellence and ROI from day one. By analysing video streams from any sort of video camera, Deep North digitizes the physical world to provide similar analytics as online analytics for a website.

Yobi invests in 3Temp AB

21 MAY, 2019

3Temp AB is a Sweden-based company with an extremely experienced founding team within the coffee industry. 3Team designs, builds and markets the worlds highest quality coffee brewer which also includes a cold brew feature that is unheard of in the industry. Even more exciting is the IoT platform 3Temp has built to provide service, support and analytics to the users of those machines. It is an absolute game-changer in this conservative industry and will provide its customers an outstanding control over cost, service and customer behaviour all while reducing usage of water and electricity. Yobi Partners will also work actively as an advisor to the management team.

Toni Nijm appointed new Chairman of Univrses AB

2 SEP, 2019

Toni Nijm has been appointed as Chairman of the Board of Univrses AB. Univrses has a world-class team of Computer Vision and AI specialists that have built software engine that is being deployed in any environment requiring autonomy. One of the most exciting products Univrses is launching is the Smart City platform that allows any city counsel or any company with a fleet of vehicles to extract previously impossible features from mobile phone cameras. This technology, being already piloted in several cities around Europe, will be change the way cities are being managed by delivering real-time data, accuracy and support to the public. Yobi's role is to help scale this platform in the next couple of years.