Portfolio Companies

Current Projects
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A smart loyalty platform, enabling businesses to eliminate paper and connect with customers directly through their smartphone using a lightweight technology at the point of sale enabling customers to effortlessly collect stamps towards a customised rewards program.

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Connectd is a growth marketplace. Underpinned by smart matching technology, our platform directly connects individuals with the UK's leading Founders, Investors, NEDs, Board Advisors and Mentors.

Urban Oasis

A Swedish vertical farming company that is using AI and data to optimise the farming process with impressive benefits for the consumer, the environment and retailers


Lurkit.com is a modern gaming platform that connects the various stakeholders in the gaming eco-system.


Based in Singapore, Contour is revolutionising the Trade Finance industry through a blockchain-based platform.


Sweden-based Univrses AB, is a Computer Vision and AI company focussing on autonomous things and Smart City solutions


Deep North Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based Computer Vision and AI company delivering analytics for the physical world (e.g. retail, real-estate and public sector)

GMP Systems AB

GMP Systems delivers a SaaS platform for the media industry to help manage spend and provide analytics across the campaign lifecycle.


A Sweden-based company that has developed the best coffee brewer in the industry on top of state-of-art design and IoT platform for support and analytics. This is the Tesla of the coffee industry.

Utopia Music AG

Switzerland-based Utopia Music has created a state-of-the-art platform to listen to all music played on any medium in the world and organise all that data to simplify royalty collection and payouts.

Estate Logs AB

Estate Logs, based in Sweden, has created a SaaS platform to digitise the management of real-estate. It's analytics, operational predictions provide cost control, sustainability and transparency for the customer and their partners.

Past Projects
Ipendo AB

Ipendo, was a pioneer in the SaaS-based Intellectual Property Management and Services market. Ipendo was acquired by CPA Global Limited (the largest company in the IP industry) in 2011.


Tailsweep was the first blog network in the Nordics and pioneered the influencer world before it even existed. Tailsweep was acquired by Bonnier Media Group.

Simplygon AB

Simplygon, founded in Sweden, revolutionised the compression of 3D graphics with focus on high-end gaming and VR/AR production. Simplygon was acquired by Microsoft in 2017.

Cortopia Studios AB

Cortopia Studios, was one of the pioneers in the VR-gaming industry and won best mobile VR game in 2017. Cortopia is now listed on the Spotlight Stock Exchange under the name Beyond Frames.